Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Climate Sustainability PLATFORM at CPHCO2009 (at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen from 3-6th December 2009)

Just before the COP15 commences, the PLATFORM will get into action at the Copenhagen Climate Exchange (CPHCO2009) at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen from 3-6th December 2009. The PLATFORM will provide all stakeholders a preparatory opportunity before getting into the climate negotiators from 7-18th Dec. at the Bella Centre.

Climate Sustainability PLATFORM is an open forum for climate negotiators, sustainability influencers, local government, civil society, business and people to dialogue, debate, discuss and build partnerships for climate sustainability solutions and pathways. The PLATFORM will be operating at the Copenhagen Climate Exchange (CPHCO2009) at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen from 3-6th December 2009. The four days will be allocated to activities under the themes of Adaptation, Mitigation, Finance & Technology, and a Shared Vision. The main activities of the PLATFORM are;
Climate Sustainability DIALOGUE: This is an open platform for participants to get their voices heard. Speakers, panelists and facilitators will be joined by voices from the audience representing the regions and stakeholders of the world. The will challenge the COP15 negotiations, demand climate justice, and make statements for media to be published.
Climate Sustainability CAMPUS: A series of training WORKSHOPS on climate change and sustainability issues offered specially for NGOs, business, local government and stakeholder participants to enhance their knowledge required to engaging climate negotiations and lobbying. An international faculty of expert lecturers and resources persons will be available to deliver these workshops.
Climate Sustainability ENTREPRENUER: A unique forum where business, local government and civil society engage in dialogue, debate, exchange and partnership building for sustainable enterprise solutions. Climate sustainability solutions providers in the exhibition of the CPHCO2009 will have a forum to talk about their innovations, technologies, projects and case studies.
Climate Sustainability MESSAGE: A MESSAGE by the Copenhagen Climate PLATFORM participants to be presented at the Copenhagen Climate Exchange, and at the KlimaForum, Peoples Climate Action and other important constituencies for lobbying during the COP15 period and after. The MESSAGE will become a living document for an evolving network of global climate sustainability advocates who will work in continuity towards a global climate sustainability agreement by 2012.

For the agenda, participation, speakers opportunities and further information please contact:
Mr. Uchita de Zoysa
Convener – Climate Sustainability PLATFORM
tel/fax: +94 11 2768459 mobile: +94 777 372206
skype: uchita.de.zoysa 

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