Friday, October 2, 2009

Call for Abstracts for the 'Climate Sustainability CAMPUS' (3-6th December 2009 @ Copenhagen Climate Exchange)


Just before the COP15 commences, the Climate Sustainability PLATFORM will get into action at the Copenhagen Climate Exchange ( at Øksnehallen, Copenhagen from 3-6th December 2009. The PLATFORM will provide all stakeholders a preparatory opportunity before getting into the climate negotiations, COP15, from 7-18th Dec. at the Bella Centre. . This is a series of training WORKSHOPS on climate change and sustainable consumption and production offered specially for NGOs, business, local government and other stakeholder participants to enhance their knowledge required to engage in climate negotiations and lobbying. An international faculty of expert lecturers and resources persons will be available to deliver these workshops.

Workshop 01: Climate Sustainability Challenge: Adaptation of Sustainable Lifestyles to Face Climate Change
Description: Workshop on sustainable consumption & sustainable lifestyles. Are the challengers of a changing climate, natural and man made disasters? How do we change the current consumerist lifestyles and adapt to the emerging climate realities. What is a new climate sustainability earth lifestyle? Where are the examples and potential models?
Workshop 02: Climate Sustainability Roles: Promoting Sustainable Lifestyle Choices
Description: Workshop on stakeholder roles on choices we make as consumers, producers, traders, policy makers, researchers, politicians, etc. Are these choices determined by environmental governance regimes or by self-realised community systems? Who influences these choices and how can these influences be placed on an ethical and climate sustainability path? Where are the role models and how do we create them?
Workshop 03: The Climate Challenge: Mitigation Options for Sustainable Urban Lifestyles
Description: Workshop on sustainable cities and climate friendly urban lifestyles. The human challenge in creating a climate friendly and healthy world is to be discussed. What kind of products and services will help evolve more sustainable urban lifestyles? Where are the examples of such initiatives? What are the limitations in mitigation and how to overcome the obstacles?
Workshop 04: Climate Sustainability Responsibilities: Role of Sustainable Design, Innovation, Production and Trade in the Urban Consumer Market
Description: A workshop to highlight sustainable enterprises and their climate responsibilities. The workshop will discuss the new generation of sustainable enterprise and the impacts particularly on the urban consumer. What is the role of design and innovation, and how should the global production process be reconstructed to enable resource efficiency, sufficiency and conservation. The discussions will discover new and emerging relationships between the entrepreneur and consumer.
Workshop 05: The Climate Challenge: Finance & Technology to combat Climate Change
Description: Workshop on Sustainable business models and innovative financial instruments. Role of science and technology, local knowledge and IPR are to be discussed. Critical investment in clean technology in energy etc. and regulatory regimes and their impacts on society, etc. What happens to poverty in a climate sustainability world? Can innovative financial instruments and appropriate technology help eradicate poverty?
Workshop 06: Climate Sustainability Exchanges: Ethical Investment and Partnerships for Sustainable Lifestyles and Responsible Consumer Markets
Description: This is a workshop on partnerships for sustainable enterprises and their climate sustainability exchanges. Business, researchers, policy makers and civil society members will engage in discussing pathways towards a common future of climate sustainability on earth. What will motive exchanges and partnerships? Peace, prosperity, wellbeing, happiness? Or new market opportunities for a green economy? Where are the initiatives and models to build on?

Workshop Format: 01/02 keynote presentation (15-20min), 03/04 panel presentations (10min each), Discussion (30min)
Number of Abstracts: 01 per workshop and up to 04 workshops per person
Abstract Format for the Climate Sustainability Campus are ss follows;

Presentation Information:
i. Workshop No. & Theme:
ii. Topic of Presentation:
iii. Name of Presenter:
iv. Brief profile of Presenter:
v. Affiliation, Designation and Contact Details:

Abstract/Paper Format:
1. Summary/Introduction:
2. Description/Background:
3. Arguments/ Proposals:
4. Examples/Case studies:
5. Other Content:
6. Recommendations/ Way forward:

Guidelines for Presenters:
1. Abstract
a. Submission date: on or before 20th October 2009
b. Length: 1 A4 page
c. Font & size: Times New Roman & 11
d. Line spacing: Single

2. Full papers
a. Submission date: on or before 20th November 2009
b. Length: 3-5 A4 pages
c. Font & size: Times New Roman & 11
d. Line spacing: Single

3. Presentation
a. Please prepare the presentations on Power Point by 2nd December
b. Selected keynote presentations should be organised for 15 minutes duration
c. Selected panel presentations should be organised for 10 minutes duration

Note: Pl submit abstracts by email to