Thursday, May 7, 2009

CSP will participate in the The 'Copenhagen Climate Exchange"

The "Climate Sustainability PLATFORM" (CSP) and its members will join and contribute towards the success of the The Copenhagen Climate Exchange. Scientists, NGOs, entrepreneurs under the CSP banner will contribute to a range of activities.

"The Copenhagen Climate Exchange" is a global climate exhibition and fair in Copenhagen, Denmark. Everybody can come and share visions and exchange ideas, show their climate solutions and adaptation strategies. Come and join with a stall. You can also attend the political, scientific and cultural program. It will be a four days event leading up to COP15, the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen."

The Copenhagen Climate Exchange is hosting a range of activities, workshops, debates and speeches during the four-day event. The specific programme has been divided into three parts: A Political, a Technical, and a Cultural programme. The programmes' aim to integrate a wide number of different speakers, scientists, organizations and key stakeholders within the global climate sector, in order to bring forth and discuss new ways of dealing with climate change.

If you have questions about the Copenhagen Climate Exchange please contact Rikke Lundsgaard, . Office: +45 39174037. Mobil: +45 2320 3007. For further details pl visit

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