Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An alternative conference for the people during COP15!

The venue "DGI-byen" has now been booked by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to secure locations for the civil society's activities during COP15 from December 7-18. The People's Climate Action secretariat will, together with the organisation Civilsamfundets Klimaforum, ensure a programme for the venue and alle the actitivities there. The venue is called "Klimaforum09" where many Danish NGOs will present debates, exhibitions and cultural activities regarding the climate threats to the public. COP15 is to be held in Copenhagen in December 2009 and the Foreign Ministry expects around 10,000-20,000 people from a multitude of nations to visit Denmark during the two weeks of the conference. Some of them will participate in the official political negotiations which are to take place at the Bella Center in Copenhagen while others will come to Copenhagen to participate in activities related to the summit. A wide variety of organisations, large and small, are currently planning projects aimed at raising the general public's environmental awareness and understanding of climate change. Such a diversity of projects needs coordination and this is why - and how - the People's Climate Action came to be. The People's Climate Action is an umbrella organisation of more than 40 large and small Non Governmental Organisations and individual projects related to the COP15. The secretariat of the People's Climate Action was established in the spring of 2009 and serves as a strategic and practical platform, providing a solid framework for all NGO activities before and during the official summit.

For further information pl contact:
Berit Asmussen (Chairman of the Board of People's Climate Action) - Mail: Office Phone: +45 33 36 40 35 Mobile: +45 28 34 62 99
Lene Vennits, Head of Secretariat of People's Climate Action - Mail: Mobile: +45 20 57 89 32
Gitte Werner Nielsen, Secretariat Coordinator of People's Climate Action - Mail: Mobile: +45 21 24 42 57
Visit the website of the of People's Climate Action @

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